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Jackie's 101st novel is a medical mystery set in Safe Harbor, California. Don't miss this spin-off series, the Safe Harbor Medical Mysteries! 

The mother of triplets stuns young obstetrician Eric Darcy by claiming there was a fourth baby, a quadruplet stolen from her at birth. Is there a deadly secret hidden in an old medical file… which has just disappeared? 

When someone murders his patient, Eric believes the police in his small town are dismissing a vital clue. Then the bodies start to pile up. Never imagining his own life might be in danger, the widowed doctor turns amateur sleuth, partnering with his private investigator sister-in-law. A fun cozy mystery with a touch of medical thriller! 

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“Dr. Darcy, someone’s breaking into your house!”

Telephone mouthpiece jiggling in front of her face, the young receptionist stared at me wide-eyed from behind my office counter. In the waiting room, visible through a small window, half a dozen women and a couple of men peered toward us.

My gut clenched at this threat. I couldn’t afford to overreact, however. It was the middle of the afternoon, I had to compensate for morning surgeries that had run late, and my patients were depending on their obstetrician-gynecologist to focus on their needs. “Who’s calling?”

“Your alarm company.” Glenda’s fingers fluttered. Always excitable, she was vibrating so hard her brown curls bounced.

Since I’d turned off my cell to avoid interruptions, the alarm company must have proceeded to my work number, which was second on their list. I picked up the handset, stated my password and name, Eric Darcy, and requested particulars...


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The Dirty Dozen: 12 Ways 

Not to Write a Mystery

For my 101st published novel, I returned to a genre in which I hadn’t written for more than a decade: the murder mystery. In preparation, I read all or parts of numerous mysteries.

While much of the writing impressed me, I also found avoidable mistakes that can turn off a reader.

In the hope of helping less experienced writers improve, and re-educating myself in the process, I came up with a dozen tips for how not to write a mystery.

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Designer Genes 

A mixup at the sperm bank spells trouble!

A blonde LA sophisticate and an auto mechanic from Nowhere Junction, Texas, never imagined they'd have so much in common, or so much at stake.  

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USA Today bestselling author Jacqueline Diamond is launching a new medical mystery series with her 101st novel, The Case of the Questionable Quadruplet. She is a former Associated Press reporter and TV columnist.



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